Ripened Lactic CHEESE

 A slow lactic make using our own whey as a starter culture. Made with animal rennet
and a natural mould rind of geotrichum which is present in our raw milk.


Innes chilcote Brick

Raw milk lactic goat's cheese. Smooth and creamy in texture with sweet notes of hazelnut combined with warm toasty flavours and a bright acidity.

Minimum weight 150g.


Innes Bosworth Ash Log

Raw milk lactic goat's cheese. Rolled in salted ash. clean, bright and earthy flavours balanced with smooth and firm textures.

Minimum weight of 180g.


Fresh Curd

Made using the same lactic curd as our other cheeses and drained in cheese cloths before salting and mixing. The light and lemony nature of this cheese makes it ideal as a fresh cooking ingredient.

Made from raw goats milk with animal rennet. 

Available in 200g or 2kg individual tubs.


our work with Neals Yard Dairy

There is no maturing room yet on the farm, so we send Highfields to Neal's Yard to be matured at a week old.

This is the first hard cheese they sell to be made exclusively without commerical starter cultures. 

The Burr is only matured at Neals Yard Dairy


Innes Burr

Matured raw milk lactic goat's cheese.
A firm, smooth texture with a fiery, nutty tang.

Minimum Weight 80g

Available to buy from Neals Yard Dairy



innes Territorial hard cheese

Raw milk, Caerphilly style goats cheese with natural grey rind and a delicately crumbly interior. The cheese has a fresh and milky flavour, and becomes increasingly savoury and aromatic with age. 

Approx 4kg wheel.

Made from raw goats milk with animal rennet.

Available to buy from Neals Yard Dairy