At Highfields Farm Dairy the cheese making process starts immediately after milking while the milk is still warm. The milk is ripened overnight using our own whey as a starter culture. The morning milk is then added to the evening milk and gently poured into buckets, before being taken into the cheese room. We like to make cheese in small buckets as we find it gives us the best quality curd. When at the right acidity, we add a small amount of animal rennet and allow the curd to form slowly until the next morning when the curd is hand ladled into moulds. The cheeses are then left to drain, before salting and turning. We mature our cheese for 2-3 weeks, allowing the natural rind, texture and flavour of the cheeses to develop. 


territorial hard cheese

Highfields is a cheese made to compliment our style of cheesemaking, our scale and climate. Made mostly in summer months when there is more milk.

We use the same pre-ripened milk as we use to make the lactic cheese with. The milk is poured into a vat which allows us to heat it. Rennet is added and curds left to form. The curds are cut, stirred, textured, salted and moulded all by hand. The cheese is dry salted and left to press overnight.

At a week old these cheeses are sent to Neals Yard Dairy where they will mature them.