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The Goats

Where it all starts – with the Highfields herd

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The Highfields Herd

The herd started in 1987 with just 100 goats – we now have over 350 goats in the herd, mostly crossed Saanen and Toggenburg.

Approximately 220 nannies are milked morning and evening, each of which produces an average of 3 litres of milk per day.

The herd is fed on a diet including hay made without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides. The ration is carefully calculated to produce milk of the highest quality and to sustain the best health of the herd.

Kidding continues throughout most of the year, in order to maintain milk of a constant quality and quantity. The milk is tested at regular intervals to ensure that it is free from unwanted impurities or bacteria.

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“ If goats can look happy, then these ones certainly do ”

Michelle Russell
The Journal