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The British Cheese Awards
Twice Supreme Champion
The Specialist Cheesemakers Association
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Traditional Cheesemaking

with unpasteurised goats milk

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Best Soft White Cheese 2004

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Supreme Champion 2002

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Supreme Champion 1994

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Gold Medal 2003

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Gold Medal 2000

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Silver Medal 2000

Innes Curd Cheese

Why Innes Cheese is unique…

Innes cheese is made according to time-honoured traditional craft methods. Unlike mass-produced cheese that is uniform in consistency and often dull in flavour, handmade cheese has no rival either for its appearance, flavour or texture. It is the product of finely developed skills applied with uncompromising dedication.

At Highfields Farm Dairy the cheese making process starts immediately after milking while the milk is still warm. In this way, the natural anti-bacterial enzymes present in freshly-drawn, unpasteurised, milk are preserved; the full flavour of the milk is retained; and an exceptionally “soft and fragile” taste and texture – the exclusive Innes hallmark – is created.

The Innes cheese range includes young, semi-ripe and matured varieties which are unpressed. Mature cheese is ripened with a coat of white mould, wrapped with a sweet chestnut leaf, or it is rolled in French salted ash with a sprig of rosemary. The maturing process takes 14 days, and in all it takes 3 weeks to make each cheese.

The young cheese is available in 4 varieties – natural, sprinkled with herbs, pink peppercorns, or French salted ash

“ Its beauty lay in its simplicity ”

Tamasin Day Lewis
Weekend Telegraph 2002